A downloadable GastroMaster's Tour for Windows

You embark on a journey to become the best Mofongo maker there is, and the only way to prove it is by winning the GastroMaster's Contest!

Test your skills in this casual simulation game! You can make a variety of mofongos for your customers, and some of them might ask for the signature "Mofongazo".

Get to know the story of our protagonist! To watch it properly, avoid pressing the space bar or click/tap the screen when you get a cutscene, you'll skip it if you do so.

Controls: To fulfill the orders, use your mouse or touchscreen to drag and drop the food items. You can also click or tap the radio to change the music!


  • Emanuel Acosta (a.k.a. Emanvidmaker) - Gameplay Programmer
  • Alondra De Jesus - Art / Programmer
  • Maggie Iglesias Pena - Art / Game Designer
  • Luis "Leo" Lebrón - "Hangry Artist"
  • Bryan B. Bonilla Díaz (a.k.a. lunzyde) - "The Audio & Music Guy"

Install instructions

  • Download the latest available version.
  • Unzip the compressed file.
  • In the folder, look for "Gastro Master.exe".
  • Start playing!


GastroMaster [Jam Build v2.1] PATCHED SOFTLOCK.zip 45 MB

Development log


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The game is good but needs a little bit of challenge. Add various modes to change gameplay like time trials


Very nice Pixel art, it was a little hard at the beginning. Talvez de principio puedas colocar un tutorial, de como preparar la comida, y muestra a la Abuela y porque estamos preparando la comida, no entendi esa parte. But i think this game could be a winner.